Sage Bluff
seasonal farmworker housing

Owned and operated by the Washington Growers League, the Sage Bluff development in Malaga, Washington, provides safe and affordable housing for the area's migrant and seasonal workers. Sage Bluff is generally available for occupancy from the beginning of April through the end of November each year.

This six-acre development includes 41 housing units designed to accommodate a total of 270 people. Amenities include two indoor kitchens and dining rooms, an outdoor dining tent and barbecues, seven restroom and shower facilities, two laundry buildings, play grounds and recreational areas. Security is enhanced by a staffed resident check-in booth, fenced parking lot, and an on-site manager's residence.

Sage Bluff is located at
346 Larkspur Lane in Malaga, Washington

To reserve space at Sage Bluff, contact
Cody Chrismer, WGL Housing Manager

Overlooking WGL's Sage Bluff migrant farmworker housing development in Malaga WA

The Sage Bluff seasonal farmworker housing complex
in Malaga, WA

WGL's Sage Bluff farmworker housing near Wenatchee, WA

Entrance to Sage Bluff

Sage Bluff office and security building

Expanded office and security building

Security check-in at the Sage Bluff migrant farmworker housing development

Residents check in with the on-site manager

Parking at Sage Bluff

Secure parking area

Housing units at Sage Bluff

Some of the 41 housing units at Sage Bluff

Housing units in the D pod at Sage Bluff

Housing units in the D pod at Sage Bluff

Housing units in the F pod at Sage Bluff

Housing units in the F pod at Sage Bluff

Lockers and bunk beds r at Sage Bluff migrant farmworker housing

Housing units feature air conditioning and heating,
and include individual bunks and lockers

In-room refrigerator and table at Sage Bluff

Each housing unit has a refrigerator and table

Laundry building at Sage Bluff

Separate restroom and laundry facilities are centrally located

Inside a laundry room at Sage Bluff

Inside the laundry building

Shower and sink area at Sage Bluff

Showers and sinks inside the bathroom

Outdoor dining tent at Sage Bluff

Outdoor dining tent and barbecues next to the kitchen building

Barbecues at Sage Bluff migrant farmworker housing

The charcoal barbecues are popular with Sage Bluff residents

Dining tent at Sage Bluff

Tables and a vending machine in the outdoor dining tent

The indoor dining area in the kitchen building includes a
large flat-screen television

Cooking at Sage Bluff

The kitchen building includes rows of stove tops
for individual meal preparation

Dry food lockers in the kitchen building at Sage Bluff

Residents can keep their food items in personal lockers

The walk-in cooler at Sage Bluff

The walk-in cooler also includes personal storage lockers

Water jug filling station at Sage Bluff

A specially-designed station makes filling water jugs easy

Play area at Sage Bluff

The Sage Bluff complex includes a play area for children

Grassy play area at Sage Bluff

Residents enjoy the grassy play field

Basketball court at Sage Bluff

A basketball court was added with the
Sage Bluff expansion in 2010

To reserve space at Sage Bluff, contact
Cody Chrismer, WGL Housing Manager


Job Safety Basics for Agricultural Workers

Updated December 2016

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