Preventing Sexual Harassment in Agriculture - Training Video

A training video for agriculture in English and Spanish does not currently exist on this topic, and there is extremely high demand for this resource. Women make up nearly a third of Washington’s agriculture workforce and it is estimated that about 75-80% of women working in this industry are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. The video and curriculum will cover topics including harassment in the workplace, identifying sexual harassment, how to report it, bystander approaches, effects of sexual harassment on the individual and the workplace, cultural perspectives, common scenarios in agriculture, available resources, and expert insights. 


We need your help to reach our funding goal for this project. We are just $15,000 away from completely funding this innovative video and curriculum. Making any contribution will greatly help the development of this resource, and will qualify donors as project sponsors. Sponsors who contribute any amount will be recognized in the video’s credits and marketing. By becoming a sponsor, you will also receive the video and curriculum for free.

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